The right style of windows and lights for your home

Your home is a representation of your style and personality. This is why even the most basic parts of it such as windows and decorative lighting matter. It's not just finding appropriate glass for the window, but finding what will suit your home in terms of style, ability to blend in with house colors, and temperature factors. When thinking of the right windows for your new home, there are a few things to consider like investing in the best window manufacturers

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Wooden Frames Vs Aluminum frames

When it comes to a window frame, wooden ones are less prone to cold and heat transfer compared to aluminum frames. This is due to the fact that metals are good conductors of heat. However, this is not to say wooden frames are the best because they require more upkeep hence, more costly. Their great potential to rot after a while is what is most disadvantageous about the wood frames. Rainy seasons or humid areas are not friendly to wooden frames. If you opt for wooden frames, go for top quality species of wood as they are less susceptible to rot. Homes which have wooden window frames of good quality are still in good shape. On the other hand, aluminum frames are perfect for humid periods. Their strength makes them more suitable for periods of strong wind.

Wood clad Frames

These frames are quite advantageous due to their exterior which is made of aluminum or vinyl thus, making them low maintenance and their interior which is made of wood, making them resistant to heat and cold transfer. The downside of these frames is that they are susceptible to intrusion of water which can result to rotting in the long term. While installing wood clad frames, it is advisable to use rubber membranes that are waterproof to prevent water intrusion. More so, use a sill pan to drain water that gathers around the sill. This will minimize intrusion of moisture thus prolonging life of the wood in the interior.

The glass material of the window

In as much as the frame makes the window stylish, the glass part is equally important. In terms of energy efficiency, double paned windows offer better insulation compared to single pane windows. The double paned windows shield the interior of the house against sun rays and in addition, prevent heat escape from the house during winter. Triple paned windows are even better in winter periods but not good for summer periods as there is less light conduction hence, low visibility inside the house.

Other Considerations

Check the U-value of the window. The U value measures the windows resistance to loss of heat. The lower the U-value number means the window will perform well. Another great option is UV rays repellent film. It's a tint that cannot be detected by the eye and helps keep the house cooler. Extremely hot areas may use some mild tint that will also help preserve paint in the area direct to sunlight. Have a qualified contractor install your windows as poor installation will lead to complications later on.